Island Fever!

Old news or new news…it’s still news!

July 2011 this band of merry (slightly odd actually) family members are embarking on a life journey no Houck family has seen before.  We’re pulling up stakes and making our way to Santiago, Dominican Republic for the next 2 years.   Curious?  So are we.  We’re eagerly waiting to see what God has in store.

Over the course of our Dominican adventure we’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening with our family, at Santiago Christian School (Tracey), and with YoungLife Santiago (Tim), and the ‘out of the ordinary’ experiences while learning the language and life of the DR.  We’d love to hear from you as well so be sure to head to the contact page and email Tracey, myself and/or the kids.  Blessings!

Blog coming Summer 2011

3 thoughts on “Island Fever!

  1. Ha it worked. Looking forward to reading all about your adventure. Thomas is missing Carter (and most of his friends), we just got home from being away for 3 weeks. Hope all is well, Hugs for everyone.

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