Road Warriors

Home packed up. Check. 

Renters moved in.  Check

Van loaded, suspension bending.  Check

Mooching off of in-laws.  Check

Trusting God for what comes next.  Priceless

Hit the road yesterday (June 30th) after racing around the Peg running final errands.  Made our way to Brandon, Manitoba to hang out with Tracey’s sister Tana & family.  It never ceases to amaze me what a person can push, pull & pack into a vehicle.  Feels a little like being compressed in a waffle maker. And even though we were traveling for only a couple hours, all has gone well so far 🙂

We were blessed huge before leaving the Peg by Mike & Amy DeLine who stunned Tracey with the gift of a new laptop for her teaching prep and work at SC School.  That was a speechless moment for us.  Thanx so much!!  You are amazing.

Over this last week we’ve also discovered something quite humbling.  That being, a person genuinely never knows how many great people are in your life until you have a going away party.  Thanx Croatto’s & Kraft’s for putting that on for us.  What a blast getting to hang out with so many good friends.  It was just as fun to see how many of them met new people that night and are starting friendships of their own.  So very cool!

Enjoy Canada Day celebrations to our Canadian friends/family and 4th of July for our American friends/family!!!


Tim    (for the crew)


9 thoughts on “Road Warriors

  1. Your welcome again BRother,
    Use it to bless others as you have bless and inlightened our lives and marrage.

  2. One of my former students will be in the Dominican R. over the next month and may pop by – her name is Tracee Plett and has lived in DR in the past and visiting friends. Just giving you a heads up. Prayers & blessings brother! We’ll see ya when we see ya!

    • That would be fun. We’ll be landing in the DR July 25th. I wish I could give you contact info but I honestly have no idea what it is yet 🙂 Best thing she could do if she’s up for connecting is contacting Santiago Christian School when she’s in Santiago. They’ll have our contact info, etc. If I caught things correctly Saturday, July 30th the school will help us get cell phones and then we’ll have a number of somekind.

      On the job front, YoungLife is looking pretty good. Did my third interview this week with them and could have things wrapped up and on the go by the time we land in the DR.

      *Resource:* Gotta get a copy of *”Foreign to Familiar”* by Sandy ?? Very, very good little book about understanding the differences between hot and cold culture climates. It’s going to be a go-to book for us.

      Blessings Tim

  3. so glad we can read up on your adventure to date. good to hear that you’ve had god interviews w/ Young Life. Just hope your family manages to settle in some first! We hope you’re having a wonderful,memorable time as you spend time with family over the next couple weeks. Awesome to hear Tracey was blessed with a new laptop & you all had a going-away party..As my Hubby Dear has said,”if Houck’s are there,that’s all the party needs!”:D
    We’re thinking of you…..if you think of us,pray that Brad & Rebecca’s pinkeye responds to the eyedrops I’ve been giving them & we can continue w/ our plans to go to the Carman Fair this Saturday & drop Cassie & Rebecca off for their week at CT Camp on Sunday. I’ve had one distressed little girl around here at the thought of missing out!!
    Kelly (for the Hein 6)

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