Ground Hog Day

Buenas Dias/Tardis/Nochas  (Good morning/afternoon/evening)…depending on when you have the chance to read this.

September is wrapping up and I have to tell you, the only change that help identify a change of seasons here in the Dominican is that Mango Juice is a little harder to find.  I had to laugh when connecting with a friend in Canada about the beautiful changes in the leaves, cooling temperatures and brilliant colours like burnt orange, fire engine red, and banana yellow.  That type of visual change simply doesn’t exist here. 🙂

We are entering our 8th week of the school year.  And we are one week away from owning a vehicle.  What a utopian moment that will be.  Drew and I have been finding creative ways to hail a taxi.  Thankfully our Espanol (Spanish) is getting better and we can communicate the basics.  Having our own wheels will be amazing!

For a little shift in updating, the rest of this blog will show you some of the sights we’ve become accustomed to and have enjoyed.  We hope you enjoy it as well.  But first…

Essential Items:   Umbrellas & plastic shopping bags – yep, it can rain at a moments notice.  People carry umbrella’s with them everywhere.  And, if an umbrella seems cumbersome, why not use a local ‘trick of the trade’ and simply wrap a plastic grocery bag around your head (minus your face).  First time I saw this I thought I was seeing things. However, walking home in the rain from the grocery store yesterday…well…I felt a little left out when I passed 3 different ladies wearing heels, blouses, and bright yellow plastic grocery bags on their heads.  I really need to adapt better.

Things that make you go, huh?     Moto Concho livestock hauling.  A moto concho is simply a motorcycle taxi.  And they carry everything from people, to boxes, to propane tanks, to animals.  Tracey and Carter thought they hit the Colonel Sanders gold-mine the other day while traveling home from school this past week.  As they looked out their bus window what did their little eyes behold but a moto concho with one driver and somewhere between 10-15 dead chickens hanging off the sides, flapping in the breeze.  As the feathers flew by, Carter looked at his mother and exclaimed…man, I’m hungry (Note:  the last sentence may be a fabrication 🙂

We miss ya’ll!  Dios la Bendiga.



*Our home in Santiago, Dominican Republic







*Skyping friends back in Canada





*A Moto Concho





*Tim speaking at the Santiago Christian School High School retreat (September)




*Alternative Modes of Transportation #1

– bed of a pick up






*Alternative Modes of Transportation #2 – Riding horseback (this gentleman was actually stopped at a red light 🙂





*Banana & Plantane trucks






*Pick an animal…any animal!  (Roadside version of PetLand)






*Amber & Drew with their friend Debra








*Carter with buddies at school






*Beautiful artwork we picked up from a local painter

2 thoughts on “Ground Hog Day

  1. Love the update! Thanks for Sharing. Thomas told me the other night ,while lying in bed, he was staring at Carter in his basketball picture because he missed him so much. Everyone is missed but have to admit it is fun getting to see all the new things you are experiencing, thanks again and take care!


  2. Thanks for the update! Thank you also for the nice wedding messages:). You Houcks are very thoughtful so far away! Bless you, James and Erin Melendez:).

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