A “Foto” Says A Thousand Words

Yep…it’s about time for another pictoral blog 🙂

Sooooo much to show you.  Enjoy!

Let’s start off with a personal favourite…MOTO’s of the DR.

Saw this little beauty on the way home from school one afternoon.  The gentlemen even slowed down so I could get a better pic.  Notice the wonderfully woven thatched roof, smashing colour scheme, and profile tires. And, don’t forget the recently filled propane tank in the front seat!

“Listening” in church has taken on a whole new meaning for our clan.  We’re loving the musical worship.  Take your favourite current worship song, translate it into Spanish, then had a Latin flare in the music.  Soooo very cool!  The sermons are wonderful…I think 🙂  Learning the lingo has lead us to really focus in and ask the Lord to help us pick up as much as possible.  Our church has a little bit of tech to it which it a big benefit.  Check out Drew listening to our Pastor’s message being translated into english over a transmitter 🙂

February brought about our first time experiencing Dominican Independence Celebrations.  While life is challenging for many here, when it comes time to celebrate, nothing holds a candle to this land.   “Carnival” runs every Sunday at the Monument (about 5 kms from our place) in February.  It’s everything you can imagine it might be.  The trouble is, as gringo, it’s simply not safe for us to be there.

Our school though, put on an incredible display of local Dominican art, culture and history in an evening celebration for families and friends.  Even our two oldest Dominican “wanna-be’s” took part!

Amber as a Dominican Construction Worker – her class did a play celebrating ‘Life In The City”.  It’s too bad she’s still so shy 🙂

Carter, (otherwise known as “EL TORO”) took part with his class in a flag dance.  He was dressed as the white stripe of the Dominican flag.  The only challenge of the night was keeping the girls away…young and old 🙂

The Sr. Class at Santiago Christian School took being thankful to new heights by inviting the entire 500+ student body to write what they were thankful for and post it!  It was a sight to see.  Hundreds of coloured sticky notes covered the wall and set the stage for great discussions.

*Some of the adventurous young hearts & minds in Tracey’s 3rd Grade Class!  Given Tracey is both an in-class and PE teacher, she’s mastering the art of “Interactive Learning”. Here you can see her students learning what it meant to walk in the wilderness of the Old Testament mixed with calculating the longitude and latitude of their current geographical location (ah…actually…this is really recess but the first statement sounded more impressive).

*One of the godliest men I’ve met here in the DR, Amuary Gracesqui…born and raised here in Santiago, shares what God is doing in the local prison he leads Bible Studies in with my (Tim’s) 9th rade Bible Class.

*In Prison with Amuary after the terrifying-turned-awesome opportunity to share a devotional with 30+ ‘men behind bars’ at their Bible Study Graduation.  I’m the very pale (for more reasons than one) guy in the back on the right.

*Following the Bible Study Graduation, my heart was humbled to the point of standing speechless while God used Amuary to “Bautista” (Baptize) two inmates who have seen their lives begin to turn around as they give their hearts, minds & wills over to Christ.

The picture above is taken in the prison courtyard.  What you can see is the men in a “Tinaco”, which is typically used as a water holding tank on the roof of a house to heat water with Solar Power.  This day, it was our make-shift baptismal tank.  The water came right from the garden hose.  What you can’t see in this picture are the dozens of men (off to the right) in the outdoor auto mechanics shop checking out all this “Jesus” stuff going on.

* We pause this pictoral blog for the following POLITICAL PARADE

…It really doesn’t matter where you go or when, with a National Election 2 months away, travellers are subject to random, and passionate political rallies.  So far we’ve encountered them in the city, on country roads, in the morning outside our church doors, and at night whooping it up and a dance hall on the main street.  This little shin-dig was on the main road in a small mountain town.

*Not to be outdone, the main competitor in this election thought…”Why just stand on the side of the road and party it up?  Why not TAKE OVER the highway?!!!”

*CUTE baby picture!!!  (Our youth pastor’s little baby girl)

*And finally,  the Houck crew chillin with “YVNO” on a Saturday afternoon.  Yvno, and his parents (Yves & Naomi Tallyrand) have become special friends.  Originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, they’ve immigrated to Santiago to get more biblical education & certification with the intention of returning to their homeland to share Christ.

Please pray for them.  It is no easy road for a Haitian family in the Dominican.  Financial and racial barriers litter the pathway.  Yves has started a Bible Study with families on Friday nights in a “Compo” area (poorest of the poor) in Santiago.  God is leading many to Him….to the point actually where they are needing to take their outdoor meeting (under a tree) to the inside to avoid rain.  Their faithfulness in the midst of challenge and hardship is so deep, and so genuine.  They are truly God’s servants in a ‘dry and weary land.’

There is a quick snapshot of life in the Houck Family Adventure.  A more detailed blog is coming soon.  God’s blessings on you and yours!

Tim…for the crew.

2 thoughts on “A “Foto” Says A Thousand Words

  1. Thanks so much cous…love the photo’s wow what are you feeding the children? Excuse me but where is the lovely Mrs. T. Houck? Checked the pic’s again and unless she has a really good tan, I missed her 🙂 Together we Praise God for all He is doing in you and through you. Think of you often and we miss you all very much. Love and Prayers, Squeak

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