Mucho Calor

Hello friends and family!  This month’s post is being brought to you by Tracey (along with the letter T and the number 43).  September heated up around here in both temperatures and activities.  Even the locals have been commenting, “Mucho calor” (very hot), so we know it is a little warmer than normal.


One of the activities that heated up in September included the Spiritual Emphasis Week or “Jesus Week” held September 9-13 on campus for PreK to 8th Grade.  Our special treat was having Todd and Kim Erickson (Tracey’s brother and sister-in-law) here as our guest speakers.  They shared in daily chapels and spoke in numerous classrooms.  Rex, Todd’s loyal companion, even made guest appearances.  We also had our One Chapel with the entire school to wrap up the week on Friday.

Jesus Week 2Jesus Week 3

The theme was “Rhythm:  A Time for Everything”, and Todd and Kim used the life of Joseph to teach about following God with hope in all seasons of life.  They had a great week of ministry here, and we are so thankful that they could come down here to serve!

photoFamily - Todd and Kim


The week after “Jesus Week”, we launched a new ministry that will meet Thursday evenings on campus for Middle School and High School students.  The MS has taken the name, “ROOTZ” (Reaching Out Of The Zone) and the HS is “Thursday Night Live” or TNL. Please pray for direction and passion for this new venture.  We want to be able to share the Truth of Jesus with these students and help them understand what it means to follow Him.  (The pics below show MS Ninja Night and HS Futsal Night)YM Ninja Night YM Futsal Night


It is exciting to see the progress each week on the construction of the kitchen at Primera Iglesia (our church).  If you are not sure what is happening, go back and read the last post of Matthew Morken’s bike ride and the fundraising for a project that will be an amazing opportunity for reaching families in the barrio near our church.  Check out the pictures of the construction as well as the new coats of paint in the classrooms to start the school year.  These were the classrooms the Grace Baptist mission team wired the electricity for in February.

2013-09-01 11.07.182013-09-01 11.07.57

Primera Iglesia - kitchen 1 Primera Iglesia - kitchen 2 Primera Iglesia - kitchen 3 Primera Iglesia - kitchen 4


This past Monday morning began as usual on our way to school, except the normal schedule was interruped as the neighborhood around the school decided it was time to stage a huelga (strike) over the poor road conditions.  They block the roads, burn tires and protest.  Therefore, school was cancelled for two days, and our own children could not contain their excitement (as they were hoping for a 3rd day off).  These are kind of like our unofficial “snow days”.

Huelga 2Huelga 1


As far as family matters, we celebrated Carter’s 13th birthday this month … yikes, a teenager!  Paintball (not to be mistaken for a huelga) and ice cream cake were the two priorities for him.  He is also playing basketball and really enjoying that.  Amber and Drew have become “Running Club” junkies.  They are participating in this weekly activity, and running their little hearts out!  As Dad and Mom, we are running around as well … just not in running club.

Family - paintball birthdayFamily - beach


Moto - Lawnmower

Only took Tim 2 years to finally catch this picture


Here are a couple pictures to end the post.  One of a good place to purchase your fuel if your self-esteem is low.  The other is of the 3 live tarantulas the maintenance guys caught on the gym stage and in the equipment store room.

Huh 1Huh 2

We are thankful for each and every opportunity that God “heats up” for us here.  Feel free to “fire” us an email or message to keep in contact.  We are thankful for your prayers, and want to wish all the Canadians a “Happy Thanksgiving” for this next weekend!  Hasta luego, amigos!

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  1. Hello Houcks! Great to read your posts and keep in the loop of all the great things God is using you for. You are an inspiration. Miss you all and send our love. Jen and the Halwachs gang 🙂

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