Saying Good-bye to a Wonderful Young Woman

You may have heard by now about the difficult events of this past week. We were surprised and pleased to hear this made the news in cities across Canada and in the United States. The city of Philadelphia in particular.

Somewhere between 10 – 11 pm last Tuesday evening (May 14th), one of the most gregarious teachers you would ever have the priviledge to meet, Ms. Megan Garven, died in a car accident.  Megan was special in many ways.  Specifically, she was Amber’s 3rd grade teacher and Carter’s YoungLife leader.

NBC Philadelphia News Cast Report:–207568191.html

Amber with Ms. Garven the afternoon of the accident

Amber with Ms. Garven for birthday ice cream the after school before the accident

Two passengers traveling with Megan, Audrey Hickman (1st grade teacher at SCS), and Gabriella Suriel (High School student – 11th grade) remain in the hospital as I write this and are recovering.  Audrey has a broken clavical, fractured pelvis and ribs and will be mostly immobile as she heals up.  Gabriella has a fractured vertabrae in her neck and remains in ICU under careful watch though is expected to heal.

They ladies were dropping friends off after enjoying some late evening ice cream following Fine Arts Night on our campus.  Megan, was the life of every party and passioante about two things…”Loving Jesus and Having Fun” 🙂  She was 24 years old.

I’d like to ask you to pray for Megan’s parents, Cam & Mary, and her three brothers.  Cam pastored 23 years in the same church and Mary has taught for many years and was an inspiration to Megan.  Her oldest brother is getting married in August, youngest brother graduates high school in a few weeks, and middle brother is wrapping up his 2nd year at the same college Megan attended.

Cam & Mary are so proud of their daughter and have no regrets of her coming to the DR to teach and live Jesus out loud.  Our loss is heaven’s gain.  The road ahead is going to be bumpy for many staff and students as they grieve but the legacy Megan created in her short time here is one we will remember for years to come.

Love you Megan!

"The World wants you to be a hero...but I want you to be a hero of God"   Megan's moto to class 3B

“The World wants you to be a hero…but I want you to be a hero of God”                                                                                                                                    Megan’s moto to class 3B



1 thought on “Saying Good-bye to a Wonderful Young Woman

  1. this informaTION is not completely true. we did not go out for Amber’s birthday. (not to be rude) we went out because we earned it with our stickers. when we behaved good we got a sticker and when we had a certain amount we would get to choose something. turns out we were all at the same point and EARNED… going to Sweet Frog. im sorry but it just bothers me to think that it was all for Amber’s Birthday which is not the case. at least not for all of us. and how would the news make it in the state of “Philadelphia in particular” when it occured in the Dominican Republic. i’ve been wanting to say this for a while now. i just want better information so that people could understand what really happend before the accident.

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