An Answer to Prayer…you

There are many experiences and lessons a person learns when you enter into life in another country and culture.  One of those things is discovering the compassionate heartf of your friends.

Recently I asked you to pray for our little Dominican church and the danger related to a crumbling retaining wall.  That wall being the stability for both the little school and new kitchen which are part of the outreach ministry to the local barrio around our church.

Retaining wall left as dirt with not support.  School and kitchen at risk.

Retaining wall left as dirt with not support. School and kitchen at risk.


Retaining walls in this climate and soil are often built with a mixture of concrete mix, re-bar (which most cannot afford)…so the majority of walls use rocks as internal supports.



Neighbour sitting patiently & keeping an eye on things.

Neighbour sitting patiently & keeping an eye on things.


The 40 + year old wall that supports our church and protects neighbouring homes decided it was time to say bye-bye.  A sweet older lady in the home moved her bedroom to the other side of the house…understandably.



Construction began as donations came in.  Through what you gave we were able to not only rebuild the wall but re-enforce it multiple ways.   Concrete, re-bar, new columns it didn’t have before, and plenty of large rocks to re-enforce the re-enforcement.

Pretty sure our neighbour began to breathe a sigh of relief.

Construction begins.  Forming a thick base and deep pillars anchors the  wall.

Construction begins.



The wall is anchored with a concrete, re-bar re-enforced base.





Top down view from the kitchen.

Top down view from the kitchen.



From the kitchen you can see how close to the edge things are.




Drum roll please……

The finished product is a beautiful sight.

"Upon this rock"...the word and work of God will stand.

“Upon this rock”…the word and work of God will stand.



The wall was completed just before the rainy season kicked in this past week or so.  It’s pretty awesome!




Newly added corner wrap around.

Newly added corner wrap around.



A new wrap around was added in to connect with the aging wall on the south side of the church/school.  We are pumped (i.e. teenager term for very, very excited :), to be able to swing the construction and connect it in to the existing re-enforcement.




And, while what I’m writing to you may seem and sound a bit dramatic I simply want you to know important this relatively small in size construction work was in relation to the bigger picture.  I love our little church and the community it reaches out to.  I probably will only be able to communicate mine, as well as the churches thankfulness to you in a limited way through words.

For your prayers, your generous gifts and your willingness to be part of helping people you’ve never met and may never meet, please accept a heartfelt thank you from us to you…

Thank You!

                                                  Thank You!


Thank You!!

Thank You!!

Thank You !!!

                      Thank You !!!

As a result of all God has enabled to be done through you, the school facility is not only secured with a new and re-enforced wall, we are excitedly expecting our 5th mission team to arrive June 12th.

Their “mission”should they choose to accept it (sorry…couldn’t resist) – begin the next phase of building on the school which will also house a church congregation for the deaf & Sunday school classes.

Keep praying my friends.  The fun never stops around here.

Blessings from the Houck crew.

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