UPS is my friend

“D” day is coming closer (“Departure” day that is).  Tracey and the kids traveled the 2.5 trip down to Grand Forks, North Dakota yesterday and shipped off 2 loaded hockey bags & 2 tubs of belongings.   The packages are now on their way to Doral, Florida.  Over the next two weeks they’ll be loaded on a plane & dropped off in the Dominican at Santiago Christian School where we’ll pick them up when we arrive!  Something tells me though, the cost of shipping is probably more than our ‘stuff’ is worth 🙂

Great friends Mike & Amy, along with a new friend (Mike’s dad) came over last night and worked tirelessly trimming out our basement & main floor doors.  What a gift!  Especially given the fact this was a project I was targeting to wrap up as soon as Drew is born…4 years ago.  Thanx my friends…you made a world of difference!!

Our renters are moving they belongings in this saturday to the main floor.  That’s a good motivator for us 🙂  The kids are pumped about ‘urban camping’ in our basement for the final days before we leave the Peg.  May even set up the tent…you know…for that real, outdoor feel (and smell).

God’s hand has been all over the preparations for this venture.  From selling vehicles, to renting our home, to arranging residence in the DR.  So many God sightings.

Please pray for the coming days of packing and wrapping up logistics.  Also please pray for my (Tim) 2nd interview with YoungLife this week.  A couple more phases to go.

Blessings from Houck crew!


Island Fever!

Old news or new news…it’s still news!

July 2011 this band of merry (slightly odd actually) family members are embarking on a life journey no Houck family has seen before.  We’re pulling up stakes and making our way to Santiago, Dominican Republic for the next 2 years.   Curious?  So are we.  We’re eagerly waiting to see what God has in store.

Over the course of our Dominican adventure we’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening with our family, at Santiago Christian School (Tracey), and with YoungLife Santiago (Tim), and the ‘out of the ordinary’ experiences while learning the language and life of the DR.  We’d love to hear from you as well so be sure to head to the contact page and email Tracey, myself and/or the kids.  Blessings!

Blog coming Summer 2011