Alive and kickin

Hey all,

We’ve arrived safe and sound in the Dominican.  Setting up home and getting used to taking taxi’s using another language.  Very funny 🙂  Internet at home is still being waited on so our online access is limited.

Some highlights so far…gecko’s in the yard, roosters in the streets, stray dogs are actually scared of people…food is not so cheap, drivers are all practicing for the Formula One circuit, and rain storms = power outages.

Soooo much to say, so little (online) time.

Stay tuned for another update coming soon!



No Fixed Address

I’m pretty sure border guards across the Manitoba and North Dakota crossings will know us by name within days 🙂  We’re heading into our final leg of visiting family and spent the past week catching up with Tracey’s family in Brandon, MB, Bowbells, ND and Grand Forks, ND.    Good times for the kids especially to hang out with cousins and run in the wide open prairies.

This weekend we venture off on a 26 hour, non-stop drive from Winnipeg, MB to Barrie, Ontario. Tracey, Carter, Amber, Drew, and myself will load the van….wait a minute.  Our van will no longer be our van in the next 24hrs.  The van will become the prize possession of Ray Sararas (volunteer youth worker in Winnipeg).  Ray has become a good friend & we’re hoping to keep it that way.  You see, Ray is also one of the bravest men I know.   This middle-aged teddy bear of a human being has decided to allow us to hop into his van (yes…the very same van we just presented to him), and the 6 of us will make the trip to Ontario together.  3 adults + 3 Kids + 26 hours in a van together = need for professional counseling 🙂

When Tracey and Ray realized that we were all hoping to travel to almost the same area around the same time, their party animal side & how cheap can we do this side combined and a plan was birthed!

By Monday, July 18th we’ll jump into visiting my mother and youngest sister (& family).  Cool thing there is they only live 3 minutes apart.  Can you say ‘family walk’?

That’s all for now.  Looking forward to passing on more thoughts and fresh pics in the next update.

Blessings all!

Tim for the crew

Road Warriors

Home packed up. Check. 

Renters moved in.  Check

Van loaded, suspension bending.  Check

Mooching off of in-laws.  Check

Trusting God for what comes next.  Priceless

Hit the road yesterday (June 30th) after racing around the Peg running final errands.  Made our way to Brandon, Manitoba to hang out with Tracey’s sister Tana & family.  It never ceases to amaze me what a person can push, pull & pack into a vehicle.  Feels a little like being compressed in a waffle maker. And even though we were traveling for only a couple hours, all has gone well so far 🙂

We were blessed huge before leaving the Peg by Mike & Amy DeLine who stunned Tracey with the gift of a new laptop for her teaching prep and work at SC School.  That was a speechless moment for us.  Thanx so much!!  You are amazing.

Over this last week we’ve also discovered something quite humbling.  That being, a person genuinely never knows how many great people are in your life until you have a going away party.  Thanx Croatto’s & Kraft’s for putting that on for us.  What a blast getting to hang out with so many good friends.  It was just as fun to see how many of them met new people that night and are starting friendships of their own.  So very cool!

Enjoy Canada Day celebrations to our Canadian friends/family and 4th of July for our American friends/family!!!


Tim    (for the crew)